Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

By using CapeMayRentals.com as either an advertiser or a visitor, you certify that you understand the following disclaimers and policies, which are subject to change at any time and without notice:

Website Definition

CapeMayRentals.com is an independent listing website operated by Cape Publishing, Inc. and associated with CapeMay.com, and is neither a broker nor agency. This website showcases properties for rent but does not attempt to replace or perform the functions of a professional real estate agent or broker.

Property Descriptions / Photographs

Property descriptions and taglines reflect the opinions of the individual property owners and/or realtors, and in no way reflect the opinions of Cape Publishing, Inc. Photographs are provided to us by the owner or realtor representing a property. We cannot guarantee that they are accurate or current.


We do not perform rental recommendations, nor can we provide a list of properties available for a specific timeframe. If you have specific rental criteria and lack the time to search our website, we recommend you contact an agent or broker for assistance. Visit our Realtors section for local realtors.

Availability and Rates

We do not guarantee that posted availability and/or rates are accurate or current.  Always contact the owner or realtor representing a property for current information.

Handicapped Accessibility

Properties marked as “handicapped accessible” are done so at the request of the owners or realtors. Please refer to the full listing for further details on the level of accessibility provided.


Cape Publishing, Inc. is not responsible for scheduling reservations on any property advertised on this website. Site visitors must contact the owner or realtor for a specific property in order to make a reservation. Cape Publishing, Inc. does not guarantee that advertising on this website will result in property bookings and is not responsible for any loss or gain, monetary or otherwise, that an owner or site visitor might incur through the use of this website.

Mercantile Licenses

It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that a current mercantile license is on file with the appropriate city/borough/township prior to listing his/her rental for advertisement on CapeMay.com and CapeMayRentals.com. Mercantile licenses are required for Cape May City, West Cape May, Cape May Point, Lower Township, Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, and North Wildwood.

Owner Privacy

If a website visitor is unable to get in touch with the contact person listed on a particular property, that site visitor may request that Cape Publishing attempt to reach the contact person using alternate contact information, if such contact information is kept on file. Under no circumstances will we release private contact information without express written or verbal permission from the contact person.

Website Visitor Privacy

Our statistics program tracks information including browser type, geographic location, and length of visit for each website visitor that is used internally by Cape Publishing.

Fair Housing Act

Real estate advertised on this website is subject to the federal Fair Housing Act and New Jersey housing laws, where applicable.